Elyria in February

Scott and Lisa rang in their first Valentine’s Day at an all-you-can eat sushi joint in Elyria, Ohio. It was their second date. Lisa took two shots of Ketel One from a dixie cup in the bathroom first to calm her nerves. She felt much better after that.

Scott threw up in the bathroom right after they ordered their food. Lisa thought he had snuck off to ask the waiter to bring a special dessert later on.

Occasionally during dinner Lisa would get self-conscious and purse her lips because she thought it made her face look prettier. Scott thought perhaps she had bitten the inside of her mouth, the poor thing.

Lisa was confused when dessert never arrived. She proposed that they stop for ice cream on their way home because she had gotten herself so set on the idea. Scott figured it was to numb the inside of her cheeks.

They shared mint chocolate chip and coconut and the hope that the other would always find them that beautiful.



© 2016 Emma Harper